Season VII

Hey, everyone! As of today Season 7 has officially begun! This season brings a lot of new changes that we hope you will enjoy.


To begin the rulebook has been completely re-worked so be sure to check that out before getting into competitive play here.


This season we will be using a different competitive rotation from last season which consists of the following: Hidden Valley, Twin Peaks Extreme, and Amazon. This was based on feedback from last season and the success we saw from it in the DPL.


The CCL System has been completely reworked to how it was in the DPL.

The new system is as follows:

There are 4 teams per Tier

A season consists of 3 weeks

Point stage (2 weeks): In this stage you have to scrim every other team in your tier. Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points. Draws are only possible in inter-regional games.

Tier stage (1 week): In this week you have to scrim a team from another tier, deciding if you will rank up/down. The winner from 1 tier gets to scrim the lowest ranked team in the tier above them, and the second highest team scrims the second lowest team. If the lower ranked team wins they switch spots, if the higher ranked team wins nothing changes.

Required Games

Here is the first set of required games that will be due by 08/14/2017! We will not be scheduling times for you this season but if you do need help getting in contact with another team leader or setting up a time feel free to send a message to any of the managers. Throughout this set you must scrim every single team in your tier. This also means that rosters will be locked, starting from 08/3/2017 till 08/14/2017.

Podcrash+ Mod

Podcrash+ is finally out of closed beta and open to the public! Here's the most updated (and almost finalized) mod build.

Note: The mod will recieve regular updates, so to have the latest version you must be in the Champions League Discord.

What is the Podcrash+ Mod?

Podcrash+ is an add-on mod which has tons of features, including an anti-cheat; game stats including: kills and deaths; a skill rating system; and more! These stats will be displayed for everyone in the game to see each other's stats. It will also have a lot of other features such as a /night command and a gem timer. Everyone must use this mod when playing a competitive game. If you aren?t able to run the mod, message a Manager ASAP. Please keep in mind that the mod is still in an open beta development stage for Champions. More features are on the way!

New Discord Channels

We have new text channels in the discord which include the following:

#competitive - Use this channel to post competitive games and information about them, such as team vs. team, the time, the day and more. You can find the complete format in the text channel as a pinned message. You must post every single scheduled game in that channel, and at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

#tl-updates - This is the new way we will receive roster updates. We are retiring the Google Form and are going to complete team updates through Discord now. Any updates you may have issued via the Google Form should now be made in the text channel. There is a pinned message stating how to format updates in the text channel!

Finally, we are featuring #news_misc - This is where events such as ARs, staff changes and card game news will be posted.

New Referee

We have one more addition to the Referee team. Please congratulate Sich on his promotion and help us welcome him back to the team.

That's it for now. We hope this season will be the best one yet! Like always, if you have any questions feel free to message any Champions League Managers.

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Simulation, July 2017