Season 6 has begun!

Hey everyone! We're very happy to announce a big stepping stone in the history of the CCL. Season 6 has officially begun! We hope you are as excited as we are to commence this season and see many fresh faces (as well as some returning ones) battle it out! We have a lot of changes this season and we can't wait to share them with you.

New Rules

Our Rulebook has been updated with quite a few new rules. As always, visit our Rulebook to view them in detail. The big updates are:

Managers and/or Referees must be present at every competitive game
A team may not change names once a season has begun
Colors will now be randomized by Managers
In an inter-regional match, the region of the lower ranked team is played first, and the higher ranked team's region is second
Teams may not disband within 1 month of the season beginning
Forfeiting a match results in an outcome of 2 - 0
You must have 2 players from your region playing in any inter-regional competitive game
Vengeance has been capped to level 1
Hilt Smash has been capped to level 3
Rangers are now capped to 2 per team in a round
Napalm has been capped to level 1

A New Director

I'm very happy to announce that Chris (aka Vilare) will be the new CCL Director from this day forward. We've been discussing this transition for months now, and I have no doubt Chris can do as good a job, and arguably a better one, than me. Please give him a big congrats!

I'll still remain an MCL Global Manager. You'll definitely see me around a lot, but just not as a CCL Director.

A New Map

We have two new maps being added to the competitive pool. These map are IronHammer Mountain and Old Village! You've seen us tease IronHammer a lot because we love it so much. Going forward, these will be two of the six maps that will be chosen for competitive gameplay.

A New Ranking System

We have introduced a new Points system to replace last season's ELO system. Here's how it works!

After each quarter in a competitive game (4 rounds per game, one round is a quarter), final scores are tabulated. While a final round outcome might be 15,000 - 13,872, for example, the score is simplified to 15 - 13. Each quarter's final scores are summed to determine the winner of the game. After the quarter final scores are summed, they are simplified further. For example, a final score of 55 - 49 would be simplified to 5.5 - 4.9. These two scores are then added to each team's total points for the season.

New Required Games

This season, we've moved away from setting required games every week. We've also moved away from allowing teams to set their own required games.

In Season 6, all required games are created up-front by the league. Today, we're releasing our first month of required games. Check them out!

Some Answers to Your Questions

Why are you setting our game times & dates?
In previous seasons, one of the biggest struggles was actually getting ready for a game. It was too difficult to schedule a game with another team given differing time-zones and availability. We were inspired by other eSports leagues and wanted to ease the responsibility off of teams. Now, the league will host all games and will determine dates and times so that it's easier for you to play!

Why points instead of ELO?
Points can tell you so much more about a team's skill than ELO or our previous best-of-3 game format. Before, it was winner-takes-all. If you won a round, you got 1 point and the other team got 0. Did that mean the winner scored 15k and the loser scored 5k? Or was it closer, like 15k to 14k? You couldn't ever tell because it was winner-takes-all. We didn't find it fair for you.

Now, it's much easier to determine skill level. A game might be very close and end with a score of 5.5 - 5.2. That would indicate similar skill levels for the teams. On the other hand, some games might be complete domination and end with a score of 6.0 - 4.2.

If there are 6 maps, how will we only play 4 maps per game?
Every time we release a schedule, we post alongside it a randomized list of four maps. One of the five competitive maps will always be excluded, of course. When we post this list of four maps, these maps must be played in order for every competitive game for that week/weekend. This ensures there will be a fresh rotation every time you play a competitive game!

What if two teams have the same amount of points? How will we determine who plays what region first?
In the case of an inter-regional game, if both teams have the same number of points, a Manager or Referee will conduct a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip will get to determine whether they want to play the first two maps on their region, or the second two maps on their region.

Why is Danny leaving?
The MCL is growing a lot faster than we might have initially expected. There is so much potential to grow within Mineplex, as well as beyond Mineplex. Because of this, it's best to let Chris take over the CCL Director position because he's very talented and can put the attention and care into the CCL that I might not be able to soon.

Have fun, guys!

It's hard to believe I've been CCL Director for a year now, but time flies when you're having fun. We're all psyched to start Season 6 because this is our biggest season yet. If you've got any more questions, drop a comment below! See you guys out on the field.

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Malfunction, May 2017