Welcome to the CCL!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Champions Competitive League on Mineplex. This is our brand new website. You can say good-bye to Google Spreadsheets because this is the official replacement forever! Much thanks to the MCL Development Team for working hard on this. As you may have expected, we have a lot of exciting things planned for the CCL in the coming months. Want to hear more about them?

Season 6

Over the past few weeks, the CCL Management Team has juggled helping with our brand new website as well as creating a 320-game schedule for the entirety of Season 6. While I admittedly would've loved to cram both a Season 6 announcement AND a new website announcement into one, alas it can't be done.

But fear not! Stay tuned for May 12 (whoa, that's in 3 days?!) for the Season 6 announcement. This will include:

A list of our new Advisors
A revamped rulebook, including new kit limits and maps
A 320-game schedule for the season
And much more (no, really, this isn't just filler text)

On the topic of websites...

You may notice rosters aren't exactly as full as they should be. We did encounter some hiccups in automatically transferring player data from the Google Spreadsheet to our super-fancy MCL database. If you're missing from a roster, just have your Team Leader message me. I'll get it fixed right up!


You heard the mythical MCL Bot is back, right? WHAT?! YOU DIDN'T?! Well, let me tell you all about it. Shoutout to our resident developer Qatalyst, who has been working hard the past few weeks consolidating our old three bots into one, multi-purpose bot. His name is MCL Bot and he is mine. But he can be yours, too. Visit this link to invite him to your server. Once he's in there, type "!setchannel ALL ccl" to set your Discord to the CCL rosters.

Keep your eyes peeled

...because that Season 6 announcement is on May 12. And I guarantee you'll want to be there for it. See you then!

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Malfunction, May 2017